Wildwood was originally a Yogi Bear Park, when it was built in the mid 1970’s.    
Members purchased the Park when the owner went bankrupt in 1985. The members then incorporated the Park shortly after the purchase and elected a Board of Directors to take
care of the business aspects of ownership for a "not for profity" entity.

As an owner of Wildwood Park, you purchase one share in the Park. This share is represented
by the site that you purchased and allows you one vote on issues at Members  meetings.
Each year the Board sets a yearly maintenance fee that creates cash flow to run the Park and
make improvements to our infrastructure. Hydro is metered to each site and each owner is responsible for this bill. Taxes are paid on the Park as a whole (from our maintenance fees)
and most trailers are also taxed by the municipality.

The Members have membership meetings on long weekends during the summer. At the August long weekend meeting an election of Board members is held. Terms are two years with half the Board replaced at each election.

The Park is run by the Board of Directors using a Management Operating Manual to record
how the business is run. The manual (M.O.M.) contains things such as responsibilities of employees, policies, procedures and problem solving tools. A copy of this manual is available
to Wildwood members at the office.
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